For your information When is orthodontic treatment recommended?

Early treatment

4 - 6 year old children 
If your little patient is constantly using a pacifier, thumb or finger sucking, breathes habitually through the mouth, has a cross bite or lost a baby tooth we recommend you to send him to an orthodontist.

6 – 9 year old childrenIf the gap between the front teeth of the upper and lower jaw is extremely large (for example 10 mm/0,4 inches), or your patient suffers from gum pain in the palate, has a cross bite or lost baby molars/canines we recommend you to send him to an orthodontist.

Main orthodontic treatment or "the perfect age"

10 – 12 year old children
During these growing years many orthodontic problems can be easily treated with the help of removable as well as fixed braces. Extracting permanent teeth is not always necessary at this stage, as treatment is facilitated by the natural growth of the jaw. Special attention should be given to persisting baby teeth, impacted teeth and missing teeth (a panoramic x-ray should be taken).

TeenagersDuring this period orthodontic treatment typically involves the use of fixed braces. There are a wide variety of aesthetic braces available, such as ceramic braces, almost "invisible" braces and lingual braces or aligners. The dentition should now consist of only permanent teeth.