SOS What to do if ... ? Orthodontic emergency/ emergency service

Please call us within practice hours if something happens. If the braces get damaged outside of practice hours, please take into consideration the following:

Removable Brace

As soon as the braces are damaged (damage is visible or noticeable) you should not wear the braces any more. Please call us on the next possible workday within our surgery or please visit us for an "emergency-appointment".

Non-removable Braces

(The arc is out, bracket fell off, strap is loose, end of the arc is pricking, etc.)

If you do not have any pain Please get an appointment to bring the braces to us to have it repaired on the next possible working day.

If you do have pain Please use the given wax/silicon to cover pricking elements to get through the time till the next working day. Please get an appointment on the next possible day to have the braces repaired.