For teenagers Smile into adulthood with a bright smile

Tooth misalignments in teenage years have many causes:

  • Genetic or inherent factors. For example: Growth
  • Behavior acquired misalignments. Caused by: Bad oral hygiene and poor diet, tongue-thrusting, bad sucking habits, breathing through the mouth due to blicked nasal passages
  • Injury: for example sports accidents – preventable through the use of a mouth guard.

As many teeth misalignments and anomalies can affect the skeletal growth of the face it is vital for you to immediately seek orthodontic assistance to promote normal growth. By the way, braces do not have to be visible. WE offer aesthetically pleasing alternatives to the “normal” braces.

Come, have a look for yourself and let us advise you. We will make orthodontics understandable to you.